Innovation and R&D

Talent and support that makes innovation work

From the world’s most powerful laser through to the extra-resistant glass in over 4.5 billion smartphones, Lithuanian innovation is impacting research and product development globally. Companies are currently assembling international-quality research teams here at highly competitive costs, and there is strong and committed governmental support for R&D.

Nurturing talent

Lithuania has been planting seeds which are now bearing fruit, thanks to its longstanding focus on developing talent. Its population has EU-leading higher education levels. And, as a small country with strong business-academy links, international investors are playing a key role in shaping courses in order to nurture exactly the talent they need. And going forward, the government is committed to further growing STEM education.

1st in CEE

for university-business collaboration in R&D

Tertiary efficiency rating

Ranked 2nd globally by Bloomberg for 'tertiary efficiency'

which includes enrolment in higher education and the number of graduates in key innovation sectors.

Innovation related studies

¼ of students in Lithuania

enrolled in innovation related studies – Science, Mathematics, Computing and Engineering-related fields.

A dynamic, responsive business environment

Small and tight-knit, Lithuania’s innovation ecosystem is a real community where solutions are quick and networks are instant. And when it comes to assembling a tailoured team of researchers – like the one at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s World Excellence Center for Molecular Biology – your investment simply goes further.


Where future comes first

Lithuania combines large-scale commitment to innovation with small-scale, sector-specific tailoring. This enables it to support dynamic businesses with both generous support and an ability to adapt to niche needs. R&D expenses are fully deductible 3 times, while corporate tax can be reduced by up to 50%. And because nurturing talent is a top priority, 50% of employee training costs can be reimbursed.

Support for R&D and the tech sectors is a national priority. So much so that between 2006-2013 Lithuania spent 411 million EUR to develop its R&D infrastructure and science valleys. Another 679 million EUR will be put into further enhancement of R&D capacity over the period 2014-2020. (Source: National Audit Office of the Republic of Lithuania, 2017)

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Lithuania’s greatest asset is its talent. Looking to outperform your targets? Our people will deliver, and then some.

Business environment

With faster processes, responsive decision-makers and less red tape, in Lithuania you’ll have more time to focus on what matters to you.

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Lithuania offers quality talent and business infrastructure at costs that will help your bottom line.


Convenient location, strong logistics capacity and world-leading ICT infrastructure – Lithuania is ready for you.


From the buzz of the city to the refreshing calm of the countryside, Lithuania gives you the lifestyle balance you deserve.

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